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What people have said ...

Aileen C.

Former Manager, Cyvatar

Bailey's talent, passion, and creativity are unmatched. Their collaborative spirit was a delight and pleasure to work with every day, and their passion for art and design shines through in everything they create.

     While Bailey was on my team and under my management, they help build foundational brand assets for the startup, such as a brand kit, design templates, color palettes, typography, and website creative direction that allowed us to mature brand perception and stand out. I was always wildly impressed with the strategy and thought that Bailey put into everything they did. I knew their work output would always be of the highest quality and was always excited to see the creative assets that they produced for different projects.

     One project in particular that Bailey worked on while under my management was Cyvatar's SXSW speaking debut. I was blown away by the event concepts, strategies, and processes Bailey put together to make our event known and generate interest. Not only did they build out the branding for the SXSW event activation, but they also were the lead event planner -- coordinating everything from NFT artist recruitment to lighting and design direction.

     I would've kept Bailey on my team forever if I could! They will do amazing things in their career and I highly recommend them to any marketing team that genuinely values the best of the best talent when it crosses their path!

Joe M.

Client, Klubhouse Entertainment

Bailey was an immense asset to my company in many ways, but especially in her work as a

skilled graphic designer. Her creations for our production Sockhop on Saturn stretched far

across different categories, ranging from marketing materials for the show itself to in-universe

posters meant to advertise the newest Saturn candy. She displayed boundless versatility in her

products, which shows her ability to adapt and finesse her works to match the assignment given.

   Bailey was a tour de force during her work at Klubhouse while still being a strong team-player.She thrives in both independent work as well as cooperative efforts. When given assignments to do on her own time, she would always dive in quickly and deliver promptly, all while exhibiting innovative and imaginative ideas. When given assignments to work alongside another designer, which happened quite often at our theatre company, she was collaborative in achieving the satisfaction of both parties in the final product.

   What struck me most about Bailey initially and throughout my time working with her was the

strong dedication to her imagination. She was never afraid to step outside of the box and play

with colors, humor, and unique imagery. Through her work, Bailey has struck me as an

enthusiast for all things fantastic and whimsical; She is an asset to any company or client

needing a true visionary.

Alise B.

Senior Co-Worker, Cyvatar

Bailey is extremely talented. I can't say enough about the value Bailey brings to the organization and team. I was fortunate to have worked with Bailey at Cyvatar and enjoyed everyday watching Bailey make visions become reality. I led the customer experience and it was a joy collaborating with Bailey on projects. They have a brilliant mind for design and slayed every request my team threw at them (and we didn't hold back) from simple power point requests to brochures and comic storylines. Bailey always operated with a high level of professionalism and respect to others. They are well organized, trust worthy, super reliable, deliver quality work, and a lot of fun to work with. Not only do I highly recommend hiring Bailey, but I would hire bailey without any hesitation if I had an opportunity. I wish to work with people like Bailey in any capacity but when it comes to graphic design, I wouldn't want to work with anyone else.

Jorrel T.

Client, PolyEcon Media

Bailey is very professional and clear with expectation in her work. Not only was her brand kit that she with us to build, perfect, but her constant check-ins and attention to detail have been a valuable asset to the construction and maintenance of our company identity. Anyone who hires her services will be fortunate to partner with her!

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