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UO x Pela

Marketing Campaign

While this project was purely hypothetical, it is still one of my favorite projects that I worked on during my education at Chapman University.

The goal of this campaign was to create a collaboration with Urban Outfitter's and Pela. The eco-friendly brand, Pela, sells compostable phone cases online which I felt would suit the UO market well because of their reusable bags and selection of phone cases in-store.

The key imagery created for this campaign was based around 1970s cartoons and the particle board texture that is heavily featured in the UO stores. I found that the particle board conveniently mimicked the texture of Pela's compostable phone cases.

I created a suite of collateral and branding opportunities for this campaign. Here is a time-lapse video of my initial sketching for the register tents and reusable bags.

While creating this campaign, I was in the process of learning AfterEffects which lead to the creation of this short video intended for social media (please forgive the typo).

If you are interested in more, please view the gallery below for more images from this project.

Project Gallery

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