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The Iliad

Cover & Book Design

The Iliad cover design created here was born of a passion of mine. I am very interested in history, especially medieval to ancient history, which includes a great interest in literature about the ancient Greeks. The Iliad is one of my favorite books and while developing my linocutting skills I decided to put my work to a purpose and create a cover design.

The linocut was sketched in reference to the Achilles statue in London and took several iterations and two full Lino blocks to get it where I was happy with the look and feel. I wanted the figure to feel victorious and in motion, while leaving room for the reader to imagine their perception of Achilles. I chose the color from preference. I love the color combination of blue and white, and it reminds me of modern day Greek architecture. I also had blue ink.

To finish up the design, I created two other smaller linocuts and created my book wrap and accompanying ebook. I adjusted the book guts to fit the theme and typography, and, since The Iliad is in the public domain, sent it off to my friends and family for a fun little token of my affection.

If you would like a copy of this epub, I can send it via email to anyone who inquires. You can see my sketches and process in the gallery below!

Project Gallery

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