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the Cyvatar Digital Brand Book

Brand Design

When I joined Cyvatar in June of 2021, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to watch and contribute to a rapidly growing start-up environment. I was one of the first three hires on the marketing team, and the only designer on staff for the entirety of my time working for the company. This gave me the unique opportunity to shape, organize and develop the brand with an amazing amount of green space.

In May of 2022, I finished a resource that encapsulated the brand that I had worked on building with the collaboration of our marketing team, our contracted design agency, and our UI/UX agency for the Cyvatar platform. I built out the online brand resource personally on the zeroheight platform, creating relevant copy and graphics. I oversaw the beginnings of the unification of the brand under this new resource (which you can view here).

Here is some insight into the year long process followed by a gallery of assorted designs created for the process. If you would like to see the full brand book please visit the site here.

When I arrived at Cyvatar, the company was without an in-house designer and the brand was being created by a series of hired freelancers. The look had already gone through one iteration and was phasing into another. This is a snapshot of images from that time period.

The brand continued to undergo small shifts and changes, becoming more unified and clear with each iteration.

By January of 2022, it became clear that an overhaul was necessary and an agency was brought on to kickstart the creation of a new website. This began my process of unifying the brand in a functional and clear brand book that would serve as a single source of truth for the company.

In this process, I collaborated and communicated with the design agency for our new website, and bridged the communication gap between the marketing team and platform (product) team to create a design book that would support the platform's existing style by complimenting it instead of asking for drastic changes.

The design direction shifted to using more whitespace to compliment the dark platform. Our colors were corrected for usability and the brand architecture and story was compiled and entered into the resource.

Branding is something I believe can deeply affect the success of a company as the emotional heart of what a company puts out into the world. I was so fortunate to work on this brand, and I know it will serve Cyvatar and their future well.

Project Gallery

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