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the Cybrverse at SXSW

Art Direction

Cyvatar's desire was to host an impactful activation at SXSW 2022. Their hope was to impact not only those who attended the event, but the local community of Austin.

For this project, I was responsible for designing most of the graphic elements for the event and for overseeing and organizing the event's creation. From the social media post to the entryway neon sign, the designs came from my desk. This was not a solo lift though, I was fortunate enough to oversee and collaborate with a design agency for our event specific landing page and an events planner for the early logistics and ideation.

When the event finally occurred, I had collected and curated a gallery of NFTs, brought on a NFT women's group as a sponsor, laid out and organized the floor plan, worked with lighting designers and VR vendors to create an interactive and exciting space, designed the neon for the photo-op and entryway, designed promo giveaway items (shirts, bags, cookies, stickers, wristbands), and created the marketing materials promoting the event and the companies presence at SXSW as a whole.

The concept for the event was to bring the digital world, the Cybrverse, into the physical space. The first design developed for this project was the logo that would guide the event look and feel. My desire was to create something, eye-catching and neon.

After some feedback from the Director of Marketing, we landed on a final design.

From the creation of the logo came the development of the collateral and graphics that would create the environment of the Cybrverse event. On the day of the event, I coordinated and oversaw the set up and was present and working with my team as the event ran for 8 hours with a live dj and special performance from an electric violinist.

I also worked with Cyvatar's Co-Founders to create designs that related to the topic of their panel titled "Love v. Fear: Why We Need a Cybersecurity Revolution." Not only did I create the related designs, but I was a part of the development of the speech and created the slides for the panel.

This project was an intense labor of love that I will never forget.

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