Poly Econ Media

Poly Econ Media is a YouTube and podcast company looking for a brand kit that would pair well with a variety of covers and artwork.

PolyEcon Media approached me with a series of creative projects that they were working on and the desire to make a unified umbrella brand to host these projects. The entire process with them was incredibly collaborative and they continued to provide creative and useful feedback throughout the process.

I first gave them a series of options for the logo (pictured below in the gallery) before they landed on the one featured throughout their branding. The option is concise and scales from three letters to the whole title nicely. I then went through color options with them but the decision was ultimately made to keep it black and white with just a few hints of color so that it could be melded easily to other designs outside of the umbrella brand.

They then contracted me to make two podcast covers for very different podcast. For one, they wanted something weird to match the theme of their podcast. I went with a collage style with cut outs of the hosts to blend in with the quirky backdrop. For their political commentary podcast, I played more with classical type and neoclassic architecture.

In the gallery below you can find screenshots from the process as well as the final results of the brand kit.

Project Gallery