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Ouroboros Magazine

Publication Design

The Ouroboros Zine was founded out of a discussion in a 300 level English class at Chapman University. While there were other zines on campus, there wasn't one that was entirely focused on creative literature in the speculative fiction genre. The founders felt that it was important to bring this niche topic to life in their own zine.

I was brought on during 2020 to design the first edition and then continued on with the team as the Art Director and Designer until 2021, completing two more editions.

The concept behind the design was to pay homage old styles of printing and the history of handmade print zines. This lead to lots of texture and interesting colors in the design of the editions. Although these editions were never printed, it was my hope that they would give people the feel of a printed zine in a time where we couldn't gather to share printed materials.

The process was mostly online and created through digital experimentation and some collage techniques. You can find some images from Edition 2 & 3 below and if you would like to read either edition you can find them on this site under the listings Spring 2021 & Fall 2021

Project Gallery

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