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Masaryk in America Poster

This project is my first poster to be printed on a large scale. It is a poster for a Czech/English premier at the Czech National Theater that holds a special place in my heart.

Masaryk in America was a performance written for the National Theater of the Czech Republic with a cast of both American and Czech actors. At the time, I was working with the production house that was putting up the performance and providing the actors. The Artistic Director approached me to make this poster and allowed me free creative reign on the concepts that I was to pitch.

I came forward with three concepts, and the chosen poster was my favorite by far. The watercolor and sketch were both done on paper then scanned and corrected on Photoshop. This gives the poster an organic feel that compliments the main outlined figure.

Although my design style has developed and matured since this poster, I can never bring myself to take it off my portfolio. This was my first poster design to be printed and posted on a large scale and I will never forget the feeling of seeing it for the first time posted on a wall in Prague. I was over the moon.

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