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Goshen Development

Logo & Brand Design

Goshen Development is a Colorado-based real-estate development start-up. The company derives it’s name from the land of Goshen in Egypt, given to the Hebrews from Pharoh, a prosperous and abundant river delta on the Nile. This namesake drives the look and feel of the brand image.

The logo represents the river delta as well as being contained in the greek letter “delta” which is commonly used in finance to signify the ratio that compares the change in the price of an asset.

Paired with the logo, the Goshen colors bring the blues of clear running water, a soft natual green and beige of fertile land, and an off-black to keep the tone soft. The clean design should make branding simple and effective throughout all mediums; from print to digital.

See more of this brand in the gallery below.

Project Gallery

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