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Cyvatar Platform Release

Marketing Campaign

As Cyvatar's product, their Cybersecurity Platform, developed out of Beta, they wanted to split and introduce the platform with two different identities. This led to a great deal of collaboration between the UX/UI agency which worked on the platform and myself and the design agency which I leveraged for Marketing materials.

To begin, the split of the platform called for two new logo iterations. One would be for the free version of the platform, MyCvyatar, while Cyvatar Pro would be for the paid membership to the platform. The MyCyvatar logo was executed by the agency, Hatch130, while I created the logo iterations for CyvatarPro. The desire was to create an iteration of the original Cyvatar logo that read premium and professional, exclusively for the paid platform.

The final decision was to go with option B. This created the pairing of the two platform logos with the MyCyvatar choice leaning on the approachable nature of the free version.

For the release of this platform update, the logos and platform dashboards were highlighted. Using Figma files created by the Platform UX/UI agency, I was able to create a product-oriented campaign with helpful demo graphics for the press release on the company's blog. You can find those in the gallery below!

Project Gallery

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