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Coconut the Chi Chi

Influencer Campaign

The "Tiki" community is a very close-knit group of retro-maniacs who enjoy art, music, and cocktails. I was given the opportunity to design giveaway buttons for a Tiki Icon, Coconut the Chi Chi, who won Tiki Oasis Best in Show 2022.

The goal of these buttons was to create awareness to Coconut's Instagram presence and treat his fans to a free collectable. As you can see below, the first edition did not have his @ and instead I fixed the buttons on business cards that had his @ on them. However, I noticed that many people were just throwing away the card without looking at it while wearing the button again and again.

In the following editions, I added the @ to the button itself so not only would the wearer see it but anyone who saw it on them. This has created a huge amount of growth for Coconut's following as well as people looking out for the latest color edition.

Project Gallery

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