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BLM Poster Campaign

Poster Design

This proposed campaign was created to highlight the BLM movement and was created for social media.

The process for these posters was based on some sketches where I was toying with the "less than" sign from Mathematics. The equal sign is an symbol that has been used in human rights movements frequently but I set out to use another Mathematics symbol just as effectively. My thought was that these symbols are effective in their universality and serious tone. It seemed appropriate for the movement. l chose to use the "less than" symbol paired with the hand/fist imagery already associated with the movement to support the tagline - No One is Less Than.

I came up with four iterations of the poster from a series of sketches and research into Bauhaus era poster work. The font was chosen because it was created from images of the street graffiti around the country reading "Black Lives Matter." I felt that paying respect to the letters and symbols already present in the movement was incredibly important.

Project Gallery

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