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Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros

★★★★★ 5/5

The real tragedy about this book is that when I picked it up, I believed that book #2 had already been released. It has not, and I am hanging onto that cliffhanger as tightly as I can.

From start to finish, this book drew me in and had me turning page after page. It was the most amazing combination of my favorite fantasy tropes with new and exciting twists. Yarros illustrates a lush world full of dimension while keeping the prose easy to read, allowing her enchanting plot to be devoured quickly. The characters of Fourth Wing are dimensional, with deep motivations and feelings. I found myself laughing, crying, and screaming at and with them.

Fourth Wing ranks up there with my favorite contemporary fantasy novels, capturing my imagination in a way I haven't experienced since reading the ACOTAR series. If you are looking for your next fantasy series to dive into, I heartily recommend this one and am counting the days until November 7th!


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