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Hello! I am a graphic designer, art director,

creator, and proud pet parent. I have experience in designing for a wide variety of  interesting clients and I am consistently inspired by getting my hands dirty in the creative process. 

What I like to do ...


Logos &



...I also have many other skills that support me as designer, so if you don't see something you're looking for, visit my resume or hmu!

Some favorite posters...

Posters were perhaps my first love in graphic design. I love making them either for clients or in my free time. Here are some of my favorites!


About Me

Bailey Smith

I didn't know I loved design until I was already in too deep. I was always the kid who sorted my crayons by color, obsessed over building in the early Sims and Animal Crossing games, and plastered movie posters all over my room. I made extra cash through high school and college designing posters for clubs, student films, and local theater companies but it wasn't until midway through my degree that someone told me this thing I loved had a name. It was a no-brainer from there to join the Graphic Design department and later go into design as a career.

Over the past few years, I have had the great joy of designing for companies in a variety of fields (from International Shakespeare Theaters to a Cybersecurity Start-up). Today, I live in L.A. and you can always find me with one or more of the following: a Blackwing Red pencil, Tybalt (my cat), Gumbo (my dog), my drink trifecta (coffee, giant water jug, & kombucha) and the go-to combination of laptop and sketchbook. 

When not working on design projects, I have an insatiable desire to explore different print processes and craft techniques. My recent obsession is linocutting because of its tactile experience and ink texture. I also toy with armor-making, sewing, kit-bashing, ceramics, and resin. Needless to say, I love to work with my hands. My constant crafting is only ever interrupted for trips to various theme bars (usually tiki bars) and some casual cozy gaming.  Of course there is much more to me, and if you would like to learn, I am always down for a virtual chat or a face-to-face coffee date. Slide into my dms below!





out my freelance studio!
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