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Hello! I am a graphic designer, art director,

storyteller, and proud pet parent. I have experience in designing for a wide variety of diverse and interesting clients and I am consistently inspired by the empathy in every day connections and the things that spark light in this world. 

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About Me

Bailey Smith

On a daily basis, you can find me with one or more of the following: Tybalt (the cat), Gumbo (the dog), a linocut plate (half-carved), a tiki drink, and/or the go-to combination of tablet, laptop, sketchbook. Tybalt & Gumbo are my usual everyday companions that watch over my workflow in our Los Angeles apartment. When not working on design projects, I have an insatiable desire to explore different print processes. My recent obsession is linocutting because of its tactile experience and ink texture. This carving process is only ever interrupted for trips to various theme bars (usually tiki bars) and deep dives into vintage poster design.  Of course there is much more to me, and if you would like to learn, I am always down for a virtual chat or a face-to-face coffee date. Slide into my dms below!





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